Guest Post: All Natural Cleaning Tips

10 Cheap Household Cleaning Tips

There are so many ways to clean and freshen your home but in this economic climate we are looking for ways to save money. These cleaning tips will leave your household clean and fresh for very little money.

1. For sparkling stainless steel sinks and hobs

You need the following items

baby oil
soft cloth
After cleaning your sink or hob or any stainless steel surface, take a clean dry cloth and pour a little baby oil on it and rub the surface in a circular motion bring it to a streak free shine, wipe off any excess oil with another clean cloth.

2.For clean residue free pipes

3 Alka Seltza Tablets
white Vinegar
Boiling hot water
Put 3 tablets in the kitchen sink and then pour about a cup ful of white vinegar down the plughole dissolving the tablets. Wait a few minutes then pour some boiling hot water down the sink, enough to rinse away the vinegar and tablets. Your pipes will be fresh and residue free, do this once a week.

3.For sparkling baths and basins

ordinary washing up liquid
You don’t need special bathroom cleaner, they are simply a waste of money, all you need is ordinary washing up liquid and water to wash all surfaces in your bathroom, and you will find that using washing up liquid leaves no residue.

4.To keep your kitchen sink smelling fresh and clean

Fresh Lemons
To keep your kitchen sink odor free, when you have finished using your fresh lemons simply put them in the kitchen sink, run hot water over them or wash the dishes with them in the sink and your sink will be left smelling fresh and clean.

5.Keep your house smelling fresh

There are several ways you can keep your house smelling fresh without buying expensive air fresheners, here are a few.

Spray perfume on your light bulbs
clean your carpets with fragranced talcon powder by pouring the talc on the floor and hoovering it up
spray perfume on your radiators
Pick lavender from a park and put it in an old stocking tie it up and put them on the radiators, hang them on doors and in your sock draw.

6.For sparkling streak free windows and mirrors

White vinegar
Fill an empty spray bottle with 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar spray on the surface of your mirror or window and wipe off with newspaper.

7.A great everyday cleaning fluid

washing up liquid
empty spray bottle
You don’t have to spend a fortune on all different cleaning products, all you need to do is get an empty spray bottle and fill it with half washing up liquid and half bleach and shake well. You will have yourself an all around heavy duty cleaning fluid that you can use for most cleaning jobs.

8. For burnt pans

A can of coke
Pour the coke in the burnt pan and leave it for about an hour, 2 hours for really tough jobs, and then wash off with ordinary washing up liquid.

9. Old dryer sheets can be used for:

The sheets that you use inside a tumble dryer can be used for a few things around the home

to dust television screens
to clean soap scum from shower doors and screens
Remove animal hair from surfaces
Can be used to remove dust from fans.

10. To descale a kettle

White Vinegar
All you need to descale a kettle is white vinegar, pour it into the kettle until it covers the element of the kettle, then fill up with water and boil the kettle. Rinse out with fresh water and then boil again with plain water, pour out the water and you should have a descaled kettle. For heavy build up though repeat this process.

Good luck and happy cleaning!