Easy to use online employee time clock software

If you are still recording your employee time with paper, spreadsheets or punch clocks, it is time for an upgrade. With technology improving each moment, it is now possible to keep track of your employees’ clock time with a variety of software. These applications are easy to use, and much more convenient than ordinary spreadsheets and attendance books.

Here is a review of the top 4 employee time clocks for 2018:

1. Index Time Clock

This biometric clock is the most recommended on the list. It is definitely the best employee time clock for small and medium-sized offices.


  • It can calculate the total earnings of each employee without added taxes
  • Round up the employee’s service time
  • It can keep a track of paid leaves and unpaid lunchtimes as well
  • You can choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay periods
  • The overtime served by each employee can also be calculated
  • It enables you to view payroll, absences, scheduled times and actual work time.

2. Icon RTC 1000 2.5

This clock is more suitable for bigger businesses. The base price of the product is fairly affordable, and while it might not be the most intuitive system out there, it certainly gets the job done well. It can cover up to 50 employees with its base prices before you incur added charges.


  • While other time clocks only allow 25 employees for the basic price, Icon RTC offers 50.
  • You can have a number of administrators gaining access to your back-end.
  • It integrates all the major payroll providers, including Quickbooks and ADP
  • The service has excellent customer care that helps new users familiarize themselves with the service easily.

3. Tick

Tick is best suited for companies that are more into project-based works. For example, law firms, ad agencies, and freelance agents can benefit from Tick. It allows employees to clock in and out of the system according to the tasks related to the projects.


  • Tick allows the employees to clock in and out, just like an ordinary clock.
  • The web pages of this software are secure under SSL
  • You can have an unlimited number of clients under Tick
  • It has a desktop timer as well, which allows the employer to know how to time an employee is spending on a particular project.
  • With Tick, you can access over 750 payroll integrations. It can also integrate with your personal payroll software.

4. Tanda

If you are worried about your employees slacking at work, Tanda will help you keep track of when they actually clock-in to work each day. This is because the software takes a picture whenever an employee clocks in. You can also see at a glance where your employees are located.


  • Tanda offers you more timekeeping than most timekeeping software out there. You can print and email schedules, swap timings and approve overtime.
  • It is not project focused but has features like leave accruals and on-boarding integrated into its system.