Cleaning with Vinegar – The SAFE Cleaner!

cleaning with vinegar

Vinegar is a very effective and environmentally safe  cleaner for every room in your home. And if this is something you don’t know, then it’s time to get to know the world of environmentally safe and natural cleaners. It’s best for you, your family and the environment!

Now I’m not saying vinegar is the only thing you need to clean your home. In fact, although vinegar can do a lot, there are some things it can’t do, like sanitize.

For that, you’d be better off using lemons or even bleach. Both are cheap and great for sanitizing.

And although it does not kill bacteria, it sure does have a lot of other uses around your home. And it’s completely green, meaning there are no harmful chemicals to worry about (great if you have toddlers) so no damage to the environment either in use or manufacturing. And the amount of uses is incredible!

Not only can you clean with vinegar, but it also has a ton of health benefits as well.  Can you believer that apple cider vinegar also has benefits for your dog as well? There’s not much this stuff can’t do. So let’s get to how to use it in your home…

So the first thing I like to use vinegar for is when it comes to cleaning anything glass. The reason being is that when you use vinegar to rinse anything made of glass, it doesn’t leave any kind of streaks and makes your glass look super clean. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for cleaning the windows of your home or the dishes in your sink. It works wonders with glass and I’m telling you, it’s a difference that you can see.

And don’t worry, all you need is a little bit in your water. And there is no “vinegar smell” either.

And why we are on the topic of smell, have you ever been in a kitchen and could literally smell all the rotting food smells coming from the sink drain? I have, and it isn’t very pleasant!

The problem occurs due to the fact that every time you wash food from dishes, some of the smaller particles of the food get caught in the drain or garbage disposal and from there they slowly begin to rot. Yes, rot right there in your kitchen.

A cup of vinegar poured into the drain about once a week will eliminate this problem, and leave the kitchen smelling fresh once again. Or if you’re rinsing your glasses in a sink with water and vinegar, that’s enough to help keep the sink smelling clean too.

But glass isn’t the only thing vinegar is good for. How about your laundry?

My youngest seems to sweat an awful lot. Not to be gross or anything, it’s just a fact. And sometimes, especially on whites, it can leave a nasty yellowish stain. Of course this can be embarrassing, and if I can’t get them out all the way, the shirts usually became rags to wash the windows or for paint spills. This in turn of course can get really expensive!

So once again the miracle product Vinegar comes to the rescue! Even where bleach couldn’t do the job. Just add a few caps full to the load and you’re good.


NEVER mix bleach with vinegar, this combination  will emit a deadly chlorine gas. These two liquids should never be used together for any reason!

If you’ve ever spent a ton of time trying to clean your bathtub in a place that has hard water and forms a “plaque” in your tub, you know how hard it can be to clean.

Instead, pour some vinegar into the tub and wash with it. Then let it sit for 15 minutes and go back and do it again. You’ll find the plaque breaks down a LOT easier with vinegar. This is due to a chemical reaction.

I used the same thing with a toilet in an old house I bought a while back. It was literally encrusted! So I poured an entire bottle in there and let it stand for 24 hours. Then brushed and was seriously amazed at how great the toilet looked afterwards. It was like brand new. I’m not kidding here, it really did a great job that no toilet cleaner could ever do. And at less than half the cost!

This works great for any build up on anything porcelain, and even plastic.


Salt and vinegar is an excellent on potato chips. It also works great for cleaning metal.

Anything metal is okay. And the best part, no scratching!!!

Just test a little on something if it is really old to make sure it won’t damage it in any way. But usually it works great, is completely natural and won’t scratch like other harsher chemicals will.