About Us

Our Principles

For the Central American region, small-scale renewable energy technologies present a feasible economic and environmental alternative for the provision of energy to remote rural communities and for the expansion of installed electrical capacity, either through isolated systems or through Projects connected to the electricity grid. The region has sufficient resources to develop hydraulic, solar, wind and biomass systems, mainly.

In addition, these technologies can reduce pollution of the environment caused by the emissions of gasses from conventional systems, which use fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum products. These gasses contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming of our planet.

That said, our company was born from the need to opt for new ways to generate energy without damaging our ecosystem with the idea of being able to build semi-autonomous housing complexes in rural and urban areas. To do this, renewable energy as a system, the maintenance that it requires and the products that can make use of it. This premise is due to the fact that the generation of energy through fuels

Fossils such as oil and natural gas are becoming more expensive and contribute to the generation of greater pollution that the planet suffers today.

About 97{0d096bc07111e26221ee9a916ad3b3c698344c97c50ec891109557f539064e9c} of the energy used in the world comes from fossil fuels: 38{0d096bc07111e26221ee9a916ad3b3c698344c97c50ec891109557f539064e9c} of coal, 40{0d096bc07111e26221ee9a916ad3b3c698344c97c50ec891109557f539064e9c} of oil and 19{0d096bc07111e26221ee9a916ad3b3c698344c97c50ec891109557f539064e9c} of natural gas. Although there is no real idea of the reserves that exist, it is believed that at the beginning of the next millennium half of all oil resources will be available.

The company within the context of production and marketing will be located in the city of Santa Ana and its activity will seek to expand to other cities.

Specific Objectives

  • Enable the proposal of renewable energy applied to systems, services, and products by the company.
  • Define the potential to industrialize and commercialize renewable energy options in the market.