Easy to use online employee time clock software

If you are still recording your employee time with paper, spreadsheets or punch clocks, it is time for an upgrade. With technology improving each moment, it is now possible to keep track of your employees’ clock time with a variety of software. These applications are easy to use, and much more convenient than ordinary spreadsheets and attendance books.

Here is a review of the top 4 employee time clocks for 2018:

1. Index Time Clock

This biometric clock is the most recommended on the list. It is definitely the best employee time clock for small and medium-sized offices.


  • It can calculate the total earnings of each employee without added taxes
  • Round up the employee’s service time
  • It can keep a track of paid leaves and unpaid lunchtimes as well
  • You can choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay periods
  • The overtime served by each employee can also be calculated
  • It enables you to view payroll, absences, scheduled times and actual work time.

2. Icon RTC 1000 2.5

This clock is more suitable for bigger businesses. The base price of the product is fairly affordable, and while it might not be the most intuitive system out there, it certainly gets the job done well. It can cover up to 50 employees with its base prices before you incur added charges.


  • While other time clocks only allow 25 employees for the basic price, Icon RTC offers 50.
  • You can have a number of administrators gaining access to your back-end.
  • It integrates all the major payroll providers, including Quickbooks and ADP
  • The service has excellent customer care that helps new users familiarize themselves with the service easily.

3. Tick

Tick is best suited for companies that are more into project-based works. For example, law firms, ad agencies, and freelance agents can benefit from Tick. It allows employees to clock in and out of the system according to the tasks related to the projects.


  • Tick allows the employees to clock in and out, just like an ordinary clock.
  • The web pages of this software are secure under SSL
  • You can have an unlimited number of clients under Tick
  • It has a desktop timer as well, which allows the employer to know how to time an employee is spending on a particular project.
  • With Tick, you can access over 750 payroll integrations. It can also integrate with your personal payroll software.

4. Tanda

If you are worried about your employees slacking at work, Tanda will help you keep track of when they actually clock-in to work each day. This is because the software takes a picture whenever an employee clocks in. You can also see at a glance where your employees are located.


  • Tanda offers you more timekeeping than most timekeeping software out there. You can print and email schedules, swap timings and approve overtime.
  • It is not project focused but has features like leave accruals and on-boarding integrated into its system.

Should You Use Bluetooth Hearing Protection?

Bluetooth Hearing ProtectionA very popular device that people use every day is a Bluetooth earpiece. These can fit directly over your ears, on one or both sides, and they will allow you to connect with these cellular phone that you are using. By doing so, it makes it easier to speak with people that you are talking to. You will not have to hold the phone at all.

This is ideal for situations such as when you are driving, or if you are doing something at home where you need to have both of your hands to keep going.

Some people worry about whether or not Bluetooth frequencies are causing hearing problems. Let’s discuss whether or not this is true.

Does Bluetooth Cause Hearing Damage?

There have been some studies that have indicated that they might cause some damage, but nothing conclusive has ever been shown. You may be able to find products that will provide you with this type of protection that will be placed in your ears if you are using a Bluetooth device. Many of them are hardly noticeable. They are just like earplugs that you will use in the ear canal. However, you may not be able to tell if it is actually working or not. You simply need to spend a little bit of time researching the ones that are available.

Why Would You Want To Use These?

For some people, it’s all about the noise. They are worried that, while using these regularly, that direct contact with your ears might lead to damage to the eardrums. Others are simply worried about the frequencies that are produced by Bluetooth devices going in and causing problems. Both of these can be resolved by using what is called the digital hearing aid, and they can be worn directly inside of the ear. If you are worried about damage from Bluetooth technology, this might be exactly what you need to feel better about using your Bluetooth device.

Can You Find Deals On Them?

You can find great deals on these if you know where to look. If you are searching for them online, you should find several companies that are currently selling their products through major retailers. Compare what others have said about the different products, and how they work, before you make your purchase. After you have used one for a few days, you might notice a definite difference in how your ears feel. These are simply designed for people that do have sensitive ears and would like to have the most protection area

If you have decided that you do need to have Bluetooth hearing protection, you can pick up one of these products online here https://doctear.com/. These will be sent to you within a couple of days, and they are very easy to use and activate. Some of them will be extremely small, making them virtually unnoticeable, similar to modern hearing aids that are sold today. If you can find discounts on them, you can purchase one very quickly, allowing you to use your Bluetooth devices with your phone without worrying about hearing damage.

Propane vs Natural Gas Grill – Which is BEST?

You have decided to opt for a gas grill instead of a charcoal grill, but now comes the real question of which type of gas grill to purchase. While some people may not know this, there are two separate types of gas grills – the propane option and the natural gas option.

Both can be beneficial, but both also have several drawbacks. To find your ideal option, it is essential to take specific considerations into account. This article will discuss these factors and help you choose the better barbecue for your home.

Environmental Impact of Propane Vs. Natural Gas

Natural gas is considered a greenhouse gas when released into the atmosphere in it’s natural for, but not after it is burned, which of course is a gas that contributes in destroying the Earth’s ozone layer.

On the other hand, propane is not considered or classified as a greenhouse gas nor are the emissions that are burned off by it.

So it’s clear to see that if you are speaking from a completely environmental point of view, which you should take into consideration, then propane is the clear choice when weighing in on BBQ grill reviews (check out MeatGeek’s picks picks for more). Because in both forms or states of the gas, propane is not believed to be harmful or contribute to any negative side effect of green house gas both as a gas in its natural state or after being burned off.

But after burning, both gases are considered safe for the environment. Natural gas is only harmful in it natural form.

The Natural Gas Grill

1. The Different Benefits

• Access To Natural Gas

The natural gas barbecue option is powered using direct lines to the grill, and this is beneficial because a direct connection is the most convenient option. Moreover, there is no need to worry about whether or not you have enough fuel because the grill has access to the necessary amount of gas needed for the barbecue. To summarize, you will never run out of fuel when using a natural gas grill.

• Cost-Effective

If you enjoy grilling food regularly, you will find that the natural gas option is the more cost-effective alternative. Statistics show that natural gas costs approximately one-sixth the price of propane gas; therefore, the addition of a gas bill will be much less than if one opts for a propane barbecue tank.

• Eco-Friendly

While both natural gas and propane tanks have low carbon dioxide emissions, evidence has found that the natural gas grills are much cleaner. This means that it is more environmentally friendly and ‘greener’ than the propane option.

2. The Different Drawbacks

• Difficult To Install

By having a direct connection between the grill and the natural gas line, the natural gas grill can be difficult to install. Individuals who already have a natural gas line for grills may not have this problem, but those who do not have natural gas lines or live in areas without natural gas services could find this problematic.

• Need For Permissions And High Initial Cost

In addition to the challenging installation, a natural gas grill will require permits because of local laws and restrictions in different areas. The gas company needs to be alerted regarding this issue, and this can be a further initial cost. Licensed plumbers will need to be hired to install the pipes making initial costs more expensive.

The Propane Tank Grill

1. The Different Benefits

• Portability

Unlike natural gas grills that must remain fixed in one position, propane gas grills are portable and can be transported as required. This is because you do not need to be near a case line to use propane liquid when grilling.

• Reduced Initial Cost

The initial costs of using the propane grill are much lower than natural gas as there is no installation required; therefore, there is no need to pay for permits or professional installation services. All you need is a tank for propane filling, and you can begin grilling.

2. The Different Drawbacks

• Inconvenience

For some individuals, the propane gas grill can be inconvenient because they need to fill the propane tank before using the barbecue. If you are not near a gas station or other filling location, it can be difficult to refill the tank each time you feel like having a barbecue.

• Long-Term Expense

While the propane gas option has a low initial cost, it can be more expensive to maintain over a long-term. Unlike natural gas that does not have a fixed expense, the propane tank needs to be refilled, and this can become costly over time.

• Running Out Of Fuel

Individuals who grill often may be worried about running out of fuel when using propane tanks as you are limited to the fuel within the tank.

Garbage to Garden Green Urban Living

Garbage to Garden

Today I wanted to write about an amazing project I just stumbled on called Garbage to Garden. A totally green project that turns kitchen garbage like cooking scraps, spoiled fruits and vegetables and even meat and bones into usable plant compost.

Living in Urban environments, a lot of our garbage just literally gets thrown away. Garbage and junk removal is big business in cities, and even bigger business for dumps and waste disposal companies.

Arizona Junk Removal figures that recyclable waste makes up close to 70 percent of all garbage. That’s a lot of waste that doesn’t need to be filling our dumps and worse, oceans.

But what if you want to help save the planet and do good? You already recycle your bottles and cans and metal. But what about all the food you waste each and every day?

What can be done with it?

Well, that’s what Tyler Frank was wondering when he came up with the idea for Garbage to Garden.

He lived in a “2nd story apartment in the East End of Portland, ME” and didn’t want to keep throwing away the excess or spoiled food he had everyday knowing that it would make much better use being used as compost.

So he and a few friends decided to do something about it. Today, 1 in 7 households in Portland choose to participate with Garbage to Garden. That’s over 5000 residents.

 items list

So How Does it Work?

When you sign up, you are given a bucket that is swapped out each week. This way there are no smells and you don’t need to clean out the bucket yourself.

There is a small fee for the service to keep the company operational. But the trade off is that you can get a free bag of compost whenever you swap out your bucket which is pretty neat.

I love seeing green businesses sprout up. And this one is not only unique, but profitable as well. And that’s good business for everyone.

If you live in the mine area, join up! If you don’t and are looking for sustainable eco-friendly business ideas, why not copy this one. The more the better!

Cleaning with Vinegar – The SAFE Cleaner!

Vinegar is a very effective and environmentally safe  cleaner for every room in your home. And if this is something you don’t know, then it’s time to get to know the world of environmentally safe and natural cleaners. It’s best for you, your family and the environment!

Now I’m not saying vinegar is the only thing you need to clean your home. In fact, although vinegar can do a lot, there are some things it can’t do, like sanitize.

For that, you’d be better off using lemons or even bleach. Both are cheap and great for sanitizing.

And although it does not kill bacteria, it sure does have a lot of other uses around your home. And it’s completely green, meaning there are no harmful chemicals to worry about (great if you have toddlers) so no damage to the environment either in use or manufacturing. And the amount of uses is incredible!

Not only can you clean with vinegar, but it also has a ton of health benefits as well.  Can you believer that apple cider vinegar also has benefits for your dog as well? There’s not much this stuff can’t do. So let’s get to how to use it in your home…

So the first thing I like to use vinegar for is when it comes to cleaning anything glass. The reason being is that when you use vinegar to rinse anything made of glass, it doesn’t leave any kind of streaks and makes your glass look super clean. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for cleaning the windows of your home or the dishes in your sink. It works wonders with glass and I’m telling you, it’s a difference that you can see.

And don’t worry, all you need is a little bit in your water. And there is no “vinegar smell” either.

And why we are on the topic of smell, have you ever been in a kitchen and could literally smell all the rotting food smells coming from the sink drain? I have, and it isn’t very pleasant!

The problem occurs due to the fact that every time you wash food from dishes, some of the smaller particles of the food get caught in the drain or garbage disposal and from there they slowly begin to rot. Yes, rot right there in your kitchen.

A cup of vinegar poured into the drain about once a week will eliminate this problem, and leave the kitchen smelling fresh once again. Or if you’re rinsing your glasses in a sink with water and vinegar, that’s enough to help keep the sink smelling clean too.

But glass isn’t the only thing vinegar is good for. How about your laundry?

My youngest seems to sweat an awful lot. Not to be gross or anything, it’s just a fact. And sometimes, especially on whites, it can leave a nasty yellowish stain. Of course this can be embarrassing, and if I can’t get them out all the way, the shirts usually became rags to wash the windows or for paint spills. This in turn of course can get really expensive!

So once again the miracle product Vinegar comes to the rescue! Even where bleach couldn’t do the job. Just add a few caps full to the load and you’re good.


NEVER mix bleach with vinegar, this combination  will emit a deadly chlorine gas. These two liquids should never be used together for any reason!

If you’ve ever spent a ton of time trying to clean your bathtub in a place that has hard water and forms a “plaque” in your tub, you know how hard it can be to clean.

Instead, pour some vinegar into the tub and wash with it. Then let it sit for 15 minutes and go back and do it again. You’ll find the plaque breaks down a LOT easier with vinegar. This is due to a chemical reaction.

I used the same thing with a toilet in an old house I bought a while back. It was literally encrusted! So I poured an entire bottle in there and let it stand for 24 hours. Then brushed and was seriously amazed at how great the toilet looked afterwards. It was like brand new. I’m not kidding here, it really did a great job that no toilet cleaner could ever do. And at less than half the cost!

This works great for any build up on anything porcelain, and even plastic.


Salt and vinegar is an excellent on potato chips. It also works great for cleaning metal.

Anything metal is okay. And the best part, no scratching!!!

Just test a little on something if it is really old to make sure it won’t damage it in any way. But usually it works great, is completely natural and won’t scratch like other harsher chemicals will.

Solar Energy Facts Guide

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy, by definition, is an alternative energy source which uses the bright light of the sun and converts it to electricity. It is much the same with wind and water energy source but the only difference is where and how it gathers the power.

Due to technology and science, it has become easier for companies and houses to acquire this source of energy that is why more and more businesses and homeowners are using this to lower their utility bills. It is known to be capable of powering almost every house appliance like, stove, air conditioning system, refrigerator and even heating systems. In this day and age, cars can also be powered by solar energy, although much research and experiments are still needed to make it available publicly.

Before, installation of solar energy systems are expensive, however, as the 21st century entered, it became cheaper as more companies build solar panels, thus, more people choose this as a source of electric power. Aside from its cost-efficiency, solar energy is also very viable and since it is renewable, it is easily available.

Solar Energy Facts, Events, Timeline and History

The first solar energy application was in 1958 when solar energy used to power the Vanguard I Satellite. With the help of the solar cells, the satellite was able to continue with its transmission even after a year that its chemical battery died. The success of its use brought forth other satellites from the Soviet and America to use it. In the 1960s, the photovoltaic cells became the main power source for them.

The oil crisis of 1973 caused companies to produce more PV cells and this also became the reason behind the decrease of the price of solar cells and other solar-powered kits. Then in the 1990s, the popularity of this technology slowly shifted to Japan and Europe as the Japanese government increased funding to produce more materials and to create a metering method.

After 2007, Spain became the country with the highest number of population to use photovoltaics. The country posted an installation rate of 45{0d096bc07111e26221ee9a916ad3b3c698344c97c50ec891109557f539064e9c} of the whole world’s numbers.

In the commercial and industrial scenes, commercial concentrated solar power plants came into being in the 1980s with the 354 MW SEGS CSP installation in Mojave Desert in California (CA).

Then in Canada, the largest photovoltaic plant, the 97 MW Sarnia Photovoltaic Power Plant was built as well. It is also predicted that the use of this energy from the sun will be more developed and stronger in between the 22nd- 24th century.

People advocating the use of solar power in homes and industries are also active in promoting this environment-friendly energy source. The conference and activity, 2009 Solar Fiesta which was sponsored by New Mexico Solar Energy Association, was able to spread the word about the apparent benefits of using solar energy through workshops, design exhibits, pictures, some diagram, video and magazine articles. There were also activities for kids which made them learn how solar power works.

Other ways of info dissemination for the conference is a mock lesson and mock laboratory. Solar power manufacturers were also asked to join as sponsors and there they were also allowed to give information on the origin of solar power and how the manufacturing process happens. Green jobs discussions were held to explain opportunities for people in this green sector.

These activities made an impact to the society that is why other events followed suit such as the Solar Power International, Solar Energy Fair and the Solar Power UK Conference and Exhibition 2011. The latest event for this industry is European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition also to be held this year.

Additionally, videos, books and magazines are given out to help people know more about this alternative energy source. One of the most popular books is entitled ” Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius” and “Solar Energy”, the official journal of ISES or International Solar Energy Society.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

This alternative form of energy uses photovoltaic tiles that convert the energy of sunlight to electricity. These cells are thin slices of glass that have positive and negative slices of silicon. As the protons of sunlight go to the cells, they remove the neutrons off the silicon and these neutrons which are already negatively charged are attracted to the silicon, but they are trapped by the opposing field’s magnetic field. Then the small wires on the silicon catch the neutrons. These wires, which are connected in a circuit, forms electric current. This current is called direct current that must still run through an inverter so that it can be converted to alternating current to enable it to power our homes.

There are several ways of u of utilizing solar power to provide energy for your home or place of business. You may choose any of these alternatives. Choosing one may depend on how much you want to save and spend for your energy source. The biggest aspect other than the panels are the batteries or other forms of storing the electricity created by the solar panels for use at a later time. Tesla solar battery storage is a new option that is affordable as well as easy to use.

Grid and Tie-In Systems – This is like having a hybrid power source. You use the solar power for items that use less energy like lights and other small appliances while using the power from an electrical company for big appliances like dryer and air condition. With this system, you’re only going to use a small solar panel or solar system kit because it’s going to generate a small amount of energy.

Portable. This kind of unit can be used anywhere and is popular for hikers and those who like outdoor activities as they can be used for items such as radio, stove and lights. It is usually composed of an inverter and a battery.

Pure Solar System. This is the the more expensive kind since you will need the large units in order to make it work. This means you rely solely on solar energy to power up your home.
Composition and Information About Solar Energy Panels

Photovoltaic is the other name for solar cells. It is the one producing energy out of the light from the sun it receives. There are various types of solar power technologies but they are still undergoing development by companies such as the Fraunhofer Institute. However, there are technologies that are already in use like the crystalline silicon, concentrators, thermophotovoltaic solar cell and thin films.

Crystalline silicon. These cells contain two layers, positive layer on the top side while the negative layer is at the bottom. This involves an AC to DC conversion process to produce output. There are also two types of this crystalline silicon panel : monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The most commonly used is monocrystalline which is more powerful than the polycrystalline.

A silicon cell can be used for wrist watch and calculator while modules of silicon cells are required to be connected together in order to work for bigger places or appliances and arrays of modules are being used for satellite power generation.

Other Solar Energy Systems

Concentrators work similar to how a magnifying glass work. It gathers light from the sun and concentrating it to fall on solar cells. This process produces maximum energy. These kinds of cells are used in high technology industries like satellite and space projects because of their accuracy as these usually use a tracking device so the direction of the beam created is spot on.

Thermophotovoltaic solar cells produces a different kind of electricity, thermal heat being converted to electricity. It works like photovoltaic cells, the difference is just these thermophotovoltaic cells use semiconductors that gather invisible light or infrared rays and convert them to energy. The main advantage of this kind of cell, is that it not only uses sun as its source but also anything that has heat.

Thin Films, the lightest type of solar equipment is also very efficient, converting over 90{0d096bc07111e26221ee9a916ad3b3c698344c97c50ec891109557f539064e9c} of solar energy to electricity using amorphous silicon thin film. Thin films are not made individually but they are produced in modules and joined together to create the unit. This process makes thin films effective.

The Benefits of Residential Solar Energy

Solar energy, through the years, has been beneficial for industries and businesses alike. Because of its effectiveness, it also became interesting for residential energy providers and ordinary people. With the economic condition and uncertain future, people would value good ways of saving some money. Utilizing a solar panel at home to bring down the costs of utilities is one of the best ways to economize.

Besides cost-efficiency, this source of energy offers several other advantages. First, its capacity to supply power to homes without costing too much per kilo watt hour (Kwh) and without harming the environment mean a lot in protecting the environment. It is not generating carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and mercury, thus, it does not contribute to global warming and green house gas.

Another advantage of this power source is it is low-maintenance. Solar power equipment can last for decades if an installer did his job properly. It also requires less attention and does not emit bad smell or does not require refueling, unlike other nonrenewable sources of energy. Aside from that, one of the leading reasons to install solar devices is its portability and independence. You can make it an electrical source even if you’re outside the home. Having fun and games while in an RV vacation or making school experiments work is free and easy when you have a portable solar device on hand. It also does not take a genius to make your appliances work with this energy source because once installers already put the main unit up, it is already do-it-yourself (DIY). You can even build your own homemade solar with the help of instructional videos, many of which you can find online.

Installing a solar panel as a power source for your house is just like investing. You spend a large amount of money at first but once it has been set up and you are already getting away with paying your monthly electric bill, it’s all worth it already. This is great in comparison with having to pay the electric company without getting any return of investment in the end.

Further Look at  Pros and Cons

Other than the basic advantages, there are other benefits that solar power customers can take advantage of. The US government is also supporting solar energy. It grants tax credits to the American public for sourcing their electricity from solar companies. Rebates or incentives are known to be about 10 to 30 percent of the system cost’s figures. If you have built a big solar panel which is more than enough for your household, there is an opportunity for you to get passive income for it.

Electric companies will be willing to buy some kwh from you to be sold to your neighbors or anywhere near your area. You may talk to a consultant from an electric company about the credit they are willing to give you if you sell some of the energy your devices or equipments generate.

The existence and use of solar power also means that electricity will be traded in a fair manner because there will be competition in the industry, forcing the other electrical companies to decrease their prices to what is just.

This energy source has also gained popularity among institutions of education. Besides being used to supply power to some of these schools, it is also widely used as an educational tool and is often made part of the projects and programs especially of students with science courses because of its portability and the convenience it provides. Solar powered things and equipments in diagrams and project samples are always present in science fairs and exhibit because this technology has been proven to be a great training course or program and also a great resource for research.

The Disadvantages

If there are benefits, there are also drawbacks in using solar energy. One of its negative aspects is the starting cost. Because new solar panel stocks are quite expensive and getting someone to install it would also cost much, most people would hesitate to have it set up. The next disadvantage is the amount of space that the solar product will take as it needs a rather large site in order to achieve maximum efficiency. With this in mind, you need to plan it well and it might take some time, that’s why there are some who do not continue with their plans to set up a solar panel if they lack the needed resources to do so.

If the sun is its major source of power, the sun could also be the major cause of the problem, that is, if it does not show up. When there is no sun, such as at night, the devices cannot produce energy. Energy production can also be hampered during cloudy or rainy days. Don’t worry, though. This can easily be solved by preparing a battery stock.

Companies and their Products – Plants and Regulating Bodies

There are a lot of “solar penny” stocks on sale in the market, but before you buy them, you must have sufficient informations of what products these companies are selling and what are the companies selling them. And even if you are not looking for prospects for your portfolio, it is just good to know what companies are offering solar panel kits and items in case you would need these things in the future.

Sundance Solar is an online store that sells all solar products ranging from solar picture paper kit to solar chargers and solar RVs. Solar Storage and My Solar Shop specialize in solar panels and grid sales while Sy Solar Appliance Limited is a company based in China that sells solar collector, solar water heater and other solar appliances and Solar E-Clips and South Bay Solar sell outdoor solar lighting systems in the USA that use hot water systems Townsville.

In the United States, companies offering solar power are steadily growing. In California alone, there are quite a large number of solar power providers. Here is a list of some of them : Solyndra Incorporated in Fremont, San Diego Solar Power, San Francisco Solar Power and Solar Power Solutions San Jose. Meanwhile in other states, there’s Solar Blue in Florida, Chicago Solar Energy, Colorado Solar Inc in Denver, Georgia Solar Power, Hawaii Solar, NJ Solar Power, Massachusetts Solar Power (MA), PA Solar in Pennsylvania, Maine Solar, Maryland Solar Solutions, Michigan Solar Solutions (MI), Tennessee Solar Solutions, New Jersey Solar Power, New York Solar Solutions and Mr. Sun Solar in Portland.

Overseas, this source of energy is also gradually gaining acceptance. Australia has Beacon Solar as the biggest company that provides solar energy to the country, followed by Genesis Solar Group. Tata BP Solar India Ltd. leads India’s national solar industry while Southern and Northern Solar provides energy to areas in UK.

Because solar energy impacts the economy and society it became imperative to have associations and regulating bodies that grant certificates, guidelines and regulations to energy providers. One of the most popular regulating bodies is FSEC or Florida Solar Energy Center. Texas also has quite a few of them; two of these are Solar Austin and Solar Houston Initiative, both non-profit organizations relating to solar energy.

If you are looking for an article about this energy source, you can visit their websites which feature numerous articles and news about the topic. Meanwhile, Illinois, Arizona and Utah also have active organizations which also aim to accelerate people’s knowledge about renewable energy.

As per research and studies made by institutions, solar power is the future of energy. As the prices of oil and gas increase, the demand for alternative energy is also increasing. Not only that, the need to take care of the environment is also becoming important to the point that the government is already promoting and giving out incentives for people who could do their share in environmental initiatives. With this in mind, solar power as your energy source is a great investment to start today.

Organic Mildew Removal

An article explaining how to make and use cheap, environmentally friendly mildew removal products.

Organic Mildew Removal

It seems there are a myriad of cleaning products on the market nowadays, each claiming to have some revolutionary ingredient without which your home is in imminent peril. And, to go along with the outlandish marketing claims there seems to be an outlandish price tag to match. Not only that, but, we are told chemical cleaners are responsible for polluting the oceans, causing allergies and respiratory problems among children and the production process is burning a hole in the ozone.

All great reasons to use organic cleaning products; but have you checked their price tag. You can’t win! Or, maybe you can. Using items you may already have lying around the house you can make your own cleaning products which are just as effective, extremely cheap and won’t harm the environment.

Here are a few environmentally friendly options to remove mildew from around the home.

Prevention is better than the cure

Mildew is caused by a build up of excess moisture. A dehumidifier will help to reduce moisture build up but running one day and night really isn’t very environmentally friendly.

Setting trays of dry cat litter around the affected area offers a greener solution and will also absorb any excess moisture. Just be sure that you are using organic cat litter like ones made with newspaper, not clay.

However, the smart thing to do is to identify the source of the moisture. This way the problem is eliminated completely. It could be a leaky pipe or dripping tap. Find it and fix it. Otherwise, mildew could just be the start of the problem. Once moisture gets into the plasterboard or woodwork it becomes a much more expensive problem to fix than a leaky pipe.

Removing mildew

To tackle already existing mildew on carpets, walls, curtains or tiles, you can use white vinegar, tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract or baking soda. Here’s how;

Dilute either two tsp of white vinegar, tea tree oil or grapefruit seed extract with one cup of water. Shake and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the affected area with the solution and leave to dry. Then, rub off the mildew and hoover up any debris.

To remove more stubborn mildew stains, mix baking soda with vinegar in a cup and apply to the affected area with a cloth.

To save mildew spoiled books, simply dust them lightly with cornstarch and let sit for a few hours in sunlight. Then, wipe clean with a dry cloth and shake. Problem solved.

All methods are equally effective although vinegar and tea tree oil are cheaper than the scentless grapefruit extract option.

So here are a few solutions to help you deal with removing mildew in an eco-friendly way. You don’t need to buy a star in the sky or anything dramatic. Rather, just use common sense and look around the internet. There are so many websites these days that will help you find new and exciting ways to clean and sterilize your home in an eco-friendly way that is safe for you and the environment, like right here at Naturazik!

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your House Humanely

Pest Problems – If your house is infested with mice and you don’t want to kill them, but would rather they left, then read on….

Like many small children, I really enjoyed the world of Beatrix Potter. All those wee whiskered figures in oh-so-cute buttoned waistcoats and frilly petticoats were my mini heroes, totally capturing my young imagination. As the unwitting precursors to Disney’s global domination of the talking animal phenomenon, Potter’s characters were utterly adorable, even the naughty ones. Who could forget the greedy Peter Rabbit who stole from Mr McGregor?

Or the once bushy tailed Squirrel Nutkin who sneaked up way too close to the wise old owl curmudgeon and of course, you’d have to remember the antics of the inimitable Two Bad Mice. Hunker Munker and what was the name of her pesky partner rogue rodent? They stole and rampaged their way through the doll’s house and still looked much too tiny and beautiful to bear any semblance of blame. Mice on t.v. were equally blame-free, I found that Jerry’s torment of Tom, never inspired much dislike of the mouse in me. I’d cheer as Tom’s face was splattered yet again by the iron or the long handled broom. And Pixie and Dixie didn’t exactly convey the menace of the mouse. Mice never seemed troublesome to me. That is, until now.

Living in an early 18th century cottage, possibly with even earlier origins, I suppose I should expect to be sharing our home with others, be they spectral or the four legged kind with big ears. However, the sheer numbers and noise of the tailed ones once they get a hold had always passed me by.

Around a month ago, I was relaxing in a warm, steamy bath and happened to glance over across the bathroom. In the distance, beyond where my Jack Russell Terrier was slumbering soundly, two small dark eyes stared straight back at me. A small, brown field mouse frozen to the spot had seen me and we eye-balled each other for a second. Then he scurried and disappeared somewhere behind the toilet cavity. He must have been incredibly lithe and dexterous as there was barely a pin-prick for him to squeeze through, but squeeze through he did.

That was sighting number one. Following this, a further sighting of a mouse (the same one or his friend, wife, sister, cousin?) by my husband, my daughter’s boyfriend, my daughter, my other daughter and a further one from me came hard on its heels. Remarkably, at this point, no food had gone missing whatsoever. We didn’t find any droppings and they didn’t bother us at all. So we enjoyed our mouse spotting, even took to naming the furred ones and imagining their family relationships (that is assuming it wasn’t the same mouse who was just incredibly industrious). Then it began.

Scratchings and scurrying sounds repeatedly woke me and my husband, the dog’s dried biscuits went missing and the floor cupboards in the kitchen began to be pillaged on a nightly basis. After a week or so, my patience was diminishing and any thoughts of Beatrix Potter drawings were far from my mind. I was thinking more of disease, sleepless nights and the terrible threat of chewed through electric cables, the Jaeger or the Marc Jacobs. Enough was enough.

So, here’s the point you might be at now. They’re in and how do you get them out? Here seem to be the choices:

Poison – DIY or expert, the result’s pretty much the same, you’ve killed the mice and the stench of their rotting corpses will remind you for weeks, through floorboards/wall spaces, of where they’ve crawled away in agony to die. You’d have a constant and pungent reminder of your cruelty.

Traps – the advantage is that they won’t crawl away, but they might not die either. It could just squash them horrifically and then you’d have to finish them off. Again, it all seems a bit medieval.

Humane Traps – of the three, my preferred option. Particularly if you add some peanut butter or cheese (yes, they do actually like the stuff!) and then release them. Do remember to free the little dears at least a mile away or you’ll only have to repeat the process!

DIY Humane Traps – buckets, filled with peanut butter/cheese/cereals and then coated on sides with oil/butter. The idea is they sniff out the goodies, jump in for their free all you can eat buffet and then can’t get out, so settle down to a nice snooze. Then you appear to release them (at the safe distance advised in no. 3).

Rely on your cat/Jack Russell Terrier (I have reminded mine that he is supposed to be a ratter!) – well, this just depends on your pet. Benny, whilst not happy about his diminishing biscuits, wasn’t a bit interested and hasn’t even noticed the slightest pitter-patter of tiny pink feet.

So, we chose DIY Humane Traps – mouse goodie buckets littered the downstairs of our house for over a week (it wasn’t particularly the look I was aiming at as it gave the impression that we’d all over-indulged and had been collectively and violently sick in all of the rooms). And…I was becoming neurotic, checking the buckets many times a day. I’d make a coffee, and run expectantly to peer into a bucket. I’d answer the phone and run excitedly to a bucket. Nothing. Not even the little tell-tale brown currant sized parcels nearby. Nothing.

The sleepless nights continued. Exacerbated, exhausted and ever so slightly at the end of my tether, I’d thump on the walls and floorboards, hissing obscenities at the furred ones. I even fleetingly contemplated buying poison and then it happened.

Two nights ago I awoke in the morning to realise that I hadn’t been disturbed in the night at all. My husband had slept through too. The dog lalso appeared bright eyed. Highly excited I charged downstairs imagining all my honey traps to be rammed full of the little squeaked ones and to my surprise, all were utterly empty. Where had they gone?

I knew that they must be hungry as I’d re-homed the dog’s biscuit stash into a sturdy mouse-proof tin and thanks to some ingenious and hasty DIY, none of the other cupboards had even the tiniest mouse access. I’d also followed some advice on a website about smearing cupboards in toothpaste (apparently mice abhor the smell of peppermint or spearmint). So, with not a dropping, scraping sound or mouse in sight, I was now quite confused. That is, until I checked in the right place.

We have a wooden cupboard, quite an unremarkable cupboard, around two feet or so from the floor and quite self-contained. This is our painkiller and medicine drawer and it’s where our little friends had spent an evening partying. I’ve never seen crystal meths being cooked, but imagine it must create a white dust cloud a bit like the one that enveloped me when I opened the drawer.

A mini white Hiroshima ballooned up from the cupboard and revealed where many sets of little teeth had ripped through multiple packs of analgesics, tearing apart the red plastic coatings and ingesting staggering amounts into their tiny bodies. It was clear what had happened. Unwitting, but multiple suicide. I was staggered, what would inspire them to repeatedly munch through something so bitter-tasting?

By the sheer numbers of empty pill capsules and droppings, it was obvious this drawer had been attacked by more than one culprit, but after a careful search of everywhere around the cupboard, whoever was responsible for this huge drugs haul had long gone. And now several days later, it would seem they are gone for good.

Now I’m just waiting for the tell-tale (or should that be tell-tail?) aroma?

So….after some time soul-searching and questioning what we should do, the mice seemed to take things into their own little pink paws. I sort of wish they hadn’t though and only hope that they drifted off into their long sleep, totally oblivious and floating away on a large biscuit laced with peanut butter and cheese and proper Celestis space cremation services whisking them on their merry way.

Why Government Grants for Green Energy Projects Mean Big Bucks For Your Business : Best Green Energy Savings

Regardless of your own thoughts about “going green” or the Green Movement altogether, you can’t deny that there is a current trend in businesses going green.  This movement isn’t just a platform for non-profit organizations to utilize; it has also taken retailers and other small businesses by storm.  Taking advantage of the popularity of the Green Movement is rather easy if you just happen to be in the recycling business.  But even if your business is far removed from recycling or other obvious green-oriented services, there are many ways that you can get your own business involved in the movement and take advantage of some of the grants and additional funding that come with it.

Show Your Support

No matter what your business may be, try to incorporate green living into your equation.  This can be as simple as using recyclable paper cups for your morning coffee like we do here at   or as complex as installing solar panels for the heating of your office.  There are a number of government grants available for such profound green accomplishments.

Be sure to also incorporate the Green Movement into your advertising.  There are several green business logos available that you can add to invoices, paperwork, logos and even company vehicles.  It is also a good idea to include a page or even just a sidebar on your website that describes your contribution to the Green Movement.

When eco-friendly consumers see that you are indeed doing your part to make the public aware of green living and all that it entails, you have the potential to attract an entirely new customer base and thus, a larger margin of income says we buy houses Friendswood. It makes sense when you give people what they want.

Stay Consistent

Not only will you impress your eco-friendly customers by remaining green, but your intentions and work ethic could also make you more appealing for the government grant processes.  And while you may not realize it, you’re also creating a much more productive and energy efficient place to work!  Get rid of paper invoices and do everything electronically, including filing jobs away.  (By doing this, you also get rid of those ugly, bulky filing cabinets).

As you can see, when it comes to government grants for green living as a way to enhance your business and your profits, it comes down to more than simply acquiring the grants.  You must also consider the other types of people that are applying for those grants and what you need to do to ensure that you can get their business.

Guest Post: All Natural Cleaning Tips

10 Cheap Household Cleaning Tips

There are so many ways to clean and freshen your home but in this economic climate we are looking for ways to save money. These cleaning tips will leave your household clean and fresh for very little money.

1. For sparkling stainless steel sinks and hobs

You need the following items

baby oil
soft cloth
After cleaning your sink or hob or any stainless steel surface, take a clean dry cloth and pour a little baby oil on it and rub the surface in a circular motion bring it to a streak free shine, wipe off any excess oil with another clean cloth.

2.For clean residue free pipes

3 Alka Seltza Tablets
white Vinegar
Boiling hot water
Put 3 tablets in the kitchen sink and then pour about a cup ful of white vinegar down the plughole dissolving the tablets. Wait a few minutes then pour some boiling hot water down the sink, enough to rinse away the vinegar and tablets. Your pipes will be fresh and residue free, do this once a week.

3.For sparkling baths and basins

ordinary washing up liquid
You don’t need special bathroom cleaner, they are simply a waste of money, all you need is ordinary washing up liquid and water to wash all surfaces in your bathroom, and you will find that using washing up liquid leaves no residue.

4.To keep your kitchen sink smelling fresh and clean

Fresh Lemons
To keep your kitchen sink odor free, when you have finished using your fresh lemons simply put them in the kitchen sink, run hot water over them or wash the dishes with them in the sink and your sink will be left smelling fresh and clean.

5.Keep your house smelling fresh

There are several ways you can keep your house smelling fresh without buying expensive air fresheners, here are a few.

Spray perfume on your light bulbs
clean your carpets with fragranced talcon powder by pouring the talc on the floor and hoovering it up
spray perfume on your radiators
Pick lavender from a park and put it in an old stocking tie it up and put them on the radiators, hang them on doors and in your sock draw.

6.For sparkling streak free windows and mirrors

White vinegar
Fill an empty spray bottle with 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar spray on the surface of your mirror or window and wipe off with newspaper.

7.A great everyday cleaning fluid

washing up liquid
empty spray bottle
You don’t have to spend a fortune on all different cleaning products, all you need to do is get an empty spray bottle and fill it with half washing up liquid and half bleach and shake well. You will have yourself an all around heavy duty cleaning fluid that you can use for most cleaning jobs.

8. For burnt pans

A can of coke
Pour the coke in the burnt pan and leave it for about an hour, 2 hours for really tough jobs, and then wash off with ordinary washing up liquid.

9. Old dryer sheets can be used for:

The sheets that you use inside a tumble dryer can be used for a few things around the home

to dust television screens
to clean soap scum from shower doors and screens
Remove animal hair from surfaces
Can be used to remove dust from fans.

10. To descale a kettle

White Vinegar
All you need to descale a kettle is white vinegar, pour it into the kettle until it covers the element of the kettle, then fill up with water and boil the kettle. Rinse out with fresh water and then boil again with plain water, pour out the water and you should have a descaled kettle. For heavy build up though repeat this process.

Good luck and happy cleaning!